Fibre Cables


Fiber Optic Cables

Syntex Offering innovative fiber optic cables.  This optical fiber cable provides 30% more usable transmission spectrum than standard singlemode and is often activated for demanding and critical applications required by business and commercial accounts now serviced by cable operators.

Loose Tube Armored Cable

Syntex Brand Fiber Optic Outside Plant Cable is right for any outside plant application. Our loose tube cable constructions are built to withstand adverse environments and provide the maximum fiber protection. They can be installed in ducts, direct buried and aerial/lashed installations for trunk and fiber to the premise applications. Our outside plant products conform to TIA/EIA, ICEA, Telcordia and RUS standards.

Tight Buffer Fiber Cables

Syntex Brand Fiber Optic Tight Buffered Cable is right for any premise application. Our 900ųm tight buffer premise cable constructions are built to withstand continuous handling as well as difficult routing, both of which are typical in the premise environment. Ideal for both backbone and horizontal applications, 900ųm premise cables allow for the direct termination of connectors, saving installation time and reducing connectorization costs.

Indoor / Outdoor Fiber Cables

Syntex’s Indoor/Outdoor cables are offered in loose tube and 900 μm tight buffered configurations and are offered in all grades of multimode and single-mode up to 144 fibers. These cables are available in plenum OFNP/FT6 and rise OFNR/FT4 and are suitable for both outdoor ducts/conduit as well as in building applications.

Coaxial Cables

Syntex impressive range of coax products include drop cable designed to protect last-mile network integrity, robust trunk and distribution cables featuring high speed capacity and streamlined headend cable solutions for the HFC network core. Manufactured to exacting quality standards, Syntex cables meet or exceed SCTE specifications for 75Ω (75 ohm) broadband networks. 

Indoor FTTH Drop Fiber Cable

The optical fiber unit is positioned in the center. Two parallel Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) strength members ensure good performance of crush resistance to protect the fiber. Then the cable is completed with a black or colour LSZH sheath

Outdoor FTTH Drop Fiber Cable

Used in the access network or CPN introduced into the room from the outside cable. Integrated wiring in buildings used for the introduction of cable, especially when the introduction of indoor or outdoor overhead wiring. Then the cable is completed with a black colour LSZH sheath with strength member.

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